The Driscoll Approach™

What is Causing Your POTS?

Are you tired of trying to cover up the symptoms of POTS with no attention to why you have POTS?

POTS is not a disease — it is a sign of something else going wrong in your body! This “something else” needs to be identified and treated in order to fully recover.

This new approach to treatment is a total transformation in the evaluation and treatment of POTS! We call it “The Driscoll Approach™” because it is based on the research of our Clinical Director, Diana Driscoll, O. We are the only clinic in the world dedicated to treating the underlying medical causes of POTS!

Do You Know What Is Causing Your POTS?

At POTS Care we begin every case with an evaluation of over 40 conditions that can cause or worsen POTS! Every case of POTS is different, so individual patient evaluations are necessary. It’s a job we take very seriously — and we are very good at what we do!

Once you know what is driving your case of POTS, then we can approach treatment options — and we always prefer low-risk options!

What are some of the conditions and questions we consider?

Do you have Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)?

IIH is easily missed because patients don’t present as typical! We will figure it out — and we always prefer to do so without lumbar punctures.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS):

Although MCAS can contribute to POTS, we often find that the patient is experiencing one of the 48 conditions that mimic MCAS — not MCAS itself. This is tricky because patients can have all of the signs and symptoms of MCAS, but if testing is negative, we must consider other conditions that mimic MCAS — and there are a lot of them!

Are you hypermobile or do you have a diagnosis of EDS?

Many people are told that their POTS is due to gradual laxity of the vessels over time because they have genetic disorders of connective tissue. We find that NOT to be the case in the majority of patients, but we must dig deeply for the true cause of POTS in these cases! Often, there are genes that are related to hypermobility that can tie things together. Our work is based on the research of Genetic Disease Investigators for a reason!

Do you have Inflammatory POTS?

There are many medical causes of Inflammatory POTS and oftentimes one problem leads to another problem which leads to another! We are here to pick this apart for you and to do so carefully so you can make the best recovery possible.

Could you have Secondary Intracranial Hypotension (SIH)?

This mimics IIH, but we must be careful not to jump to treatment for suspected SIH until all possibilities of IIH have been ruled out. Some of the most complicated patient presentations occur when IIH ultimately results in SIH — and both must be treated (and in the right order) to get the best outcome possible.

Has someone looked in your eyes for clues in your case?

The eyes are the only place in the body we can look directly at blood vessels and a nerve that is a direct extension of the brain. At POTS Care, we look at details to get the answers you need!

Have you had C*VID and are dealing with POTS as a Long-Hauler?

We have been treating viral-induced POTS for years! In fact, this is what disabled Diana Driscoll, our Clinical Director for over a decade. She has fully recovered and has found her passion in getting answers for others who are suffering.

Do not believe there is “no cure for POTS”! Remember that POTS is not a disease! This is a medical condition with a medical cause. We are here to find out what is causing your POTS — and then we can begin to approach treatment in your individual case.

The Driscoll Approach™ is a total transformation in the evaluation and treatment of POTS!

We Are The Only Clinic Approaching POTS In This Way

POTS Recovery

At POTS Care, it’s personal!

“Patients with POTS usually suffer with so much -- and with little or no validation from their doctors. Even the label of “POTS” does not provide legitimacy for the illness. I remember when I had POTS that I was sick in any position! My fast heart rate was not my worst symptom -- I was completely non-functional, as was my son.

Instead, I view POTS as a symptom of something else, and we need to figure out what that something else is in order to allow recovery.

Identifying the underlying problems also gives patients the validity they need when dealing with doctors and even friends and family. We must dramatically change how this condition is treated. This mission is a personal one for me!”

- Diana Driscoll, OD

Meet Our Patients

Karen's Story

“I was treated with the greatest respect as a real human being by the entire team at POTS Care. They listened intently to every little detail I gave them.“

Upali's Story

“Most doctors would see me for maybe half an hour at the most and would try to make all the diagnoses in that very short time. Dr. Driscoll and I had consultations for over an hour each day during my visit…other places just try to treat for the symptoms. This is a lot more scientific, and I can tell that being a scientist myself. I have never seen this thorough of a scientific approach in any other place.”

Jill's Story

“I got immediate relief for constipation, surprisingly. Also, the energy that I had, I mean I can feel it today… I feel really focused and the mental clarity I have…”

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    Get Your Life Back

    Options for Care



    30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist and Clinical Director

    Are you lost in your case? Do you need direction, advice, or encouragement? Although not a medical examination, Dr. Driscoll is a recovered patient, a researcher, and a practitioner and can offer high-level support. She can share her thoughts concerning Inflammatory POTS, IIH, family dynamics, school issues, validation, and recovery. Dr. Driscoll will also send you selected resources following your consultation that may help you.



    Three month program to begin recovery including:

    • An app on your cell phone to guide you through Inflammatory POTS (what does the latest research tell us and how can this guide your recovery)
    • 30-minute consultation with Dr. Diana Driscoll
    • Biweekly audios by Dr. Diana Driscoll to educate, inform, and support
    • Over $500 in supplements that may offer you some immediate relief, even if your doctors have not yet identified your inflammation.
    • Heart rate variability monitor to help guide your recovery
    • A recovery journal/workbook
    • Guidance on exercise, sleep, and dietary planning
    • This package covers the commonalities in POTS patients including a tendency to develop abnormal intracranial pressure, parasympathetic nervous system problems, digestive issues, nutrient malabsorption, cognitive decline, immune disorders, and inflammatory states.
    • If you would like to approach POTS with as few medications as possible, or if you are not familiar with Inflammatory POTS, this POTS Care Package™ may be a great place to start.



    This is an evaluation of your case to date, with specific guidance for you and your medical team. Not everyone can be a POTS expert nor up on the latest research. We will do this for you!

    We will carefully evaluate your medical records to date (including blood work, your brain MRI if you’ve had one, and your ocular records) as well as over 200 potential symptoms and what these may mean.

    We will offer specific thoughts and guidance based on your individual case with recommendations for further testing that your medical team can likely complete, differential diagnoses to consider, and ways you may be able to avoid invasive procedures. Are you extraordinarily sensitive? We will discuss that, as well as psychiatric symptoms that can be misinterpreted by those uninformed.



    Full case evaluation with a treatment plan and two months of follow-up.
    This includes:

    • A careful review of your previous medical records
    • Customized blood work
    • Ocular testing (non-invasive and can be completed by your eye doctor)
    • Two days of appointments with our team with two months of follow- up
    • Audio and workbook guidance continues for three months.
    • You will graduate from us with the knowledge, medicine, and power to not only recover from POTS, but to be healthier throughout your life.

    Currently on a waiting list.