Jill’s Story


“Many doctors and nurses in clinics and ERs had to google POTS and still didn’t know how to help me. I was to the point I was about to give up and just continue to treat my symptoms and accepted this was just my life.”


Jill, age 37, was suffering for years and had significant symptoms limiting her daily life. She wrote us an email a few weeks after visiting POTS Care. Here are her thoughts.



Update (11/27/2018):

I continue to make small improvements and hope to begin my exercising soon and I know that will help me a lot. My bp and heart rate have been pretty stable and my throwing up has been drastically reduced from  4-5 times a week to now 4-5 times in the last few months! My headaches also have been reduced and if I get one its not as intense. I continue to learn to listen to my body and hope to continue to do better. This week I’m going to try and get back into going to work for 1 or 2 half days! I’m so glad I’ve been able to work from home but so ready to get back to my office. Hope everyone is doing well there and had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did 😊

Update (10/22/2018):

I’ve been doing pretty good. Only had a few bad headaches when the pressure changes where crazy here. Nausea is still there but improving and not as bad in the morning. Joint pain is still there also but not as often. I’m still seeing small improvements and learning to listen to my body and what it needs. I was able to do family pictures and my son’s senior pictures. I was also able to attend my son’s football game and they won. I normally have to miss a lot of games and have only missed one of all their games so far this season. My blood pressure is holding great!! Best its been in years! I know it will just get better from here. Thank you for all you have done for me and checking in on me, it really means a lot!

Original Story (9/5/2018):

If you’re reading this then you must be searching for answers like I was. I can tell you this, you are in the right place! I have been battling POTS for about 8 years and went to many clinics all over the US and none of the doctors were looking past POTS. The first time I saw one of Dr. Driscoll videos, I just felt like I had a connection with her, she knew exactly what I was going through and how I was feeling that I couldn’t put into words. She was looking at the underlying causes, not just POTS symptoms.

Why was this happening to my once very healthy, active body? At this point, I had NO control over my life. I was taking meds to treat what symptoms we could. I just had so many other symptoms that didn’t fit the POTS box like some doctors like to call it. Many doctors and nurses in clinics and ERs also had to google POTS and still didn’t know how to help me. I was to the point I was about to give up and just continue to treat my symptoms and accepted this was just my life.

At first, there were many days I couldn’t get out of bed or would be so sick I would just lay on the bathroom floor crying and praying. But I just kept telling myself something has to be causing this, for me to lead a very active healthy life and have 3 boys, then be this sick. I couldn’t let them see me lose this battle. I’m also competitive and I think that helped me not give up. I’m not a fan of losing.☺I’m blessed that I can work from home when I can but I’m not living my life I’m just getting through the day. That’s not living.

Before my appointment, Dr. Driscoll was the one that called and talked to me and asked questions that no other Dr. really took the time to ask. After that, and the first day of my visit, I knew she was different than any other doctor. I could tell she really cares about you and wants to help you get better and heal you, not cover up the problem. All the staff was wonderful and I just knew this is where I would get answers and get my life back! Most doctor visits are so stressful but this one was not. It’s about YOU and how YOU feel and making you feel comfortable. I could talk to her about the weird symptoms that other doctors didn’t know what to do with or she would bring them up and I was like YES, me too!

After my visit, it all made sense and I had answers. After starting one medication, I could already tell a big difference with not as many headaches. I know I still have a long road to get healthy and that there will be up and downs, but hey we are used to that by now. I finally, after all these years of doctors and tests, got some answers. I learned that all were normal to them and they had answers to my suffering, it wasn’t all in my head and I can get better with a little time.

When people ask, “ how are you today?” I want to be able to say great with a real smile and a real answer and just be ME again, not fake me. The light at the end of the tunnel will continue to get brighter. Just don’t give up hope, no matter how bad it gets, don’t ever give up hope, your worth fighting for. I truly can’t thank Dr. Driscoll and the staff enough for what you have done for me and this is just the beginning of this new journey! ☺Thank you!!

With Love,

Jill Masterson & family

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