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At POTS Care, our Clinical Director (Diana Driscoll, OD) was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) as were her two children. She was told that POTS was secondary to EDS. She was told that POTS in EDS patients was likely due to a gradual laxity of vessels over time.

Although this sounded plausible to her, Dr. Driscoll became ill merely weeks after a virus – and she was 46 at the time! There was nothing gradual about the development of POTS in her case. And when her son developed POTS after a series of three viruses at the age of eight, she knew this theory was likely incorrect.

It was only by abandoning the current views and digging deeply she was able to get answers for her family and so many others. Now fully recovered from POTS, she works full-time at POTS Care along with the medical team to help others locate the cause of their POTS and EDS.

At POTS Care, the entire team is very familiar with EDS and the special challenges these patients face. POTS and EDS are often linked. But POTS is not a necessary consequence of EDS.

“If we had accepted the premise that POTS was due to a genetic condition and therefore untreatable, my kids and I would still be sick. After 12 years of disability, I am so happy to be helping others locate the treatable aspects of their POTS. At POTS Care, until proven otherwise, we do not presume your condition is not actionable even when genetics are involved. Instead, we look for the treatable aspects that can allow patients to recover. This paradigm shift is tremendous news for those who believe their condition is due to genetic defects, and little can be done beyond symptomatic relief. This new research indicating that the majority of patients can be treated with existing medications to address the “true” underlying condition is ground-breaking.”
– Diana Driscoll, OD

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Kelley's Story

“The misdiagnosis of MCAS has me fascinated! I was certain of it for so many reasons, BUT I was able to switch gears and totally get on the same page as Dr. Driscoll and not only is she correct, but I am already recovering!“

Pami's Story

“The visit is worth every penny. The doctors and staff are great, helpful, and understanding. It’s amazing the information they can get from scans that were missed by prior doctors. Thank you to the POTS Care team.”

Alaina's Story

“I think anyone with POTS should come here because they are really focused on how to heal you instead of just covering it up. They look into what is causing your symptoms and give you a plan where you can get better.”

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