Kelly’s Story

“The misdiagnosis of MCAS has me fascinated! I was certain of it for so many reasons, BUT I was able to switch gears and totally get on the same page as Dr. Driscoll and not only is she correct, but I am already recovering!”.


Kelly had been sick for fifteen years before finding any answers. It started out as food allergies and then progressed into a host of other signs and symptoms that doctor’s chalked up to anxiety. She had visited clinic after clinic searching for answers to her strange and unusual symptoms only to be told “Sometimes there is nothing more that can be done”. Kelly had written good bye letters to friends and family fearing the worst; that there was indeed no answers and her life was coming to an end. After her daunting research she came across POTS Care and decided to make the important call.


Interviewer: What would you like to share about your experience at POTS Care, Kelly?


Kelly: The science behind POTS Care is more real than ANY other doctors/science I’ve experienced. It’s not as if there’s just science surrounding you; Dr. Driscoll started me on meds after day 1 and the complete turnaround in some symptoms was enough proof for me! Granted, there is a long road ahead and I know I will be up and down, BUT I personally experienced miracles the week I was at POTS Care and advise EVERYONE to consider this as their FIRST line of defense not only against POTS, but many other underlying conditions. I do a ton of research on my own; I was a medical professional myself before becoming bedbound for 1.5 years with severe POTS, etc. I was able to understand most (although I am not a Doctor) and was able to truly understand the disease process for the first time when no other doctor or hospital could even give me a diagnosis, let alone an explanation behind it too!


Interviewer: Were we able to identify any underlying problems contributing to your illness that others have missed?

Kelly: YES! The misdiagnosis of MCAS has me fascinated! I was certain of it for so many reasons, BUT I was able to switch gears and totally get on the same page as Dr. Driscoll and not only is she correct, but I am already recovering! I experienced severe food and environmental allergies for the last 15 years; anaphylaxis by definition daily, could only eat a handful of foods, very scary stuff. I left POTS Care with a treatment plan in place and I am eating healthy, wonderful foods that I haven’t been able to even smell in the same room in 15 years! I also have severe gastroparesis and have been nauseated for 2.25 years, unrelenting. The week I was at POTS Care, I was so ravenous I demanded my husband take me to meals before anything else after each daily trip to the clinic!


Interviewer: Would you like to share anything about your struggles or journey before coming to POTS Care?


kelly: My journey has been sickeningly frustrating. I say that because it took me 15 months of definite POTS symptoms and me using the term POTS with every Dr. I encountered to even get the tilt table test ordered. The reason you ask? I “didn’t fit enough of the boxes” for any doctor to agree to order the test…but they performed unnecessary surgeries, other tests, etc no problem. My severe food allergies began 15 years ago, but the last 4 years have been the worst with the POTS, EDS, sleep apnea, gastroparesis, celiac, among others. EVERY doctor BUT my mental health therapist told me it was all in my head; whereas the therapist provided written documentation for me to give to each doctor insisting it was not in my head. I was at Cleveland Clinic last year with some help, Mayo Clinic rejected my case stating, “sometimes there’s nothing more that can be done”. I literally had goodbyes written for my husband and closest others; I did not think I would live to see my next birthday. I found POTS Care on my own, online. We literally put all our eggs in Dr. Driscoll’s basket and I can now say with certainty that not only am I going to live, but I am also going to thrive! I plan on being someone within Dr. Driscoll’s orbit for a very long time!


Interviewer: Do you have anything you would like to say to others that may be thinking about coming to POTS Care?


Kelly: Don’t think, JUST GO!! I realize for most of us, travel and cost can be two major factors. BOTH are 1000% worth the sacrifice! You will NOT be disappointed. I experienced such dramatic improvements in such a short time that I am surely biased, but also know Dr. Driscoll is on the right track to exposing the underlying…dare I say causes? or at least underlying factors…for numerous disease processes. I think her impact will expand far beyond POTS.


Interviewer: Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your story with us!