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Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS)/POTS

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (or “Joint Hypermobility Syndrome”) is a common presentation in many cases of POTS / dysautonomia. Previously, doctors assumed that a gradual laxity of vessels was the cause of orthostatic intolerance in these patients. Instead, the team at POTS Care has found that triggers such as infection or trauma are the more likely culprits for illness presentation. At POTS Care, the doctors never assume that the cause of your illness is genetic and therefore nothing can be done except for symptom reduction. Instead, the entire team will focus on locating and treating the medical cause for your illness. It is not necessary for you to have a diagnosis of a connective tissue disorder to be seen at POTS Care.

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POTS Recovery

“I have found that a great number of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome/POTS patients are suffering with “non-neuropathic POTS” and these patients can be gravely ill. They can respond immediately to the proper medical treatment, however, whereas symptomatic treatment is only marginally effective, at best.

– Diana Driscoll, OD

Meet Our Patients

Chlöe's Story

“It is surreal to see this little baby girl that was required to leave school in fourth grade, now stand as a young woman in ninth grade!“

Fletcher's Story

“Fletcher’s health has improved significantly! He is back to doing the things he loves. We are thrilled! Dr. Driscoll is one of our heroes. She is an expert at dealing with POTS.”

Sydney's Story

“I still have bad days every once in a while, but I had forgotten what it feels like to feel good for days at a time. My life is continuing to change before my eyes. Every day I get stronger and more confident.”

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