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Treating The Underlying Cause Of POTS

How Is POTS Care Different?

Traditional treatment of POTS involves blood expansion (high doses of salt and medications), beta-blockers, and SSRI’s (antidepressants). At POTS Care, we find that symptomatic treatment is not effective for the majority of patients, it does nothing to treat the underlying medical cause of POTS. Patients can be left to continue to suffer, and even get worse on these treatments.

At POTS Care, we know that most cases of Idiopathic POTS (a form of dysautonomia) are secondary to medical conditions that have not yet been identified. These cases are not primarily due to lack of exercise, poor diet, laziness, or emotional weakness. This is a medical disorder with a medical cause. We work hard to locate the problems, so that treatment can begin at the source of the problem.

At POTS Care, we explore most systems of the body to locate the underlying cause(s). We look closely at the immune system and the endocrine system, we look for blood dyscrasias, vascular problems, abnormal intracranial pressure, digestive problems, vagus nerve issues, inflammatory conditions, and more to locate the health disorders causing POTS. Only then can we properly discuss options for treatment. At POTS Care, we begin with a list of over 40 conditions that can cause or worsen POTS and we find that no two patients are the same (even in the same family)! We commonly see patients who are very sensitive and low-risk, non-invasive testing and treatments are preferred whenever possible.

Although deconditioning, mood disorders, and hyperadrenergic symptoms (which can manifest as anxiety) often occur, these are usually secondary to the underlying medical condition. Treatment must begin at the source of illness for recovery. At POTS Care, we focus on identifying and treating the medical cause of Idiopathic POTS— not just treating the symptoms.

POTS Care is the only clinic devoted to locating and treating the underlying medical cause(s) of POTS.

We Are The Only Clinic Approaching POTS In This Way

POTS Recovery

At POTS Care, it’s personal!

“Patients with POTS usually suffer with so much -- and with little or no validation from their doctors. Even the label of “POTS” does not provide legitimacy for the illness. I remember when I had POTS that I was sick in any position! My fast heart rate was not my worst symptom -- I was completely non-functional, as was my son.

Instead, I view POTS as a symptom of something else, and we need to figure out what that something else is in order to allow recovery.

Identifying the underlying problems also gives patients the validity they need when dealing with doctors and even friends and family. We must dramatically change how this condition is treated. This mission is a personal one for me!”

- Dr. Diana Driscoll

Meet Our Patients

Karen's Story

“I was treated with the greatest respect as a real human being by the entire team at POTS Care. They listened intently to every little detail I gave them.“

Upali's Story

“Most doctors would see me for maybe half an hour at the most and would try to make all the diagnoses in that very short time. Dr. Driscoll and I had consultations for over an hour each day during my visit…other places just try to treat for the symptoms. This is a lot more scientific, and I can tell that being a scientist myself. I have never seen this thorough of a scientific approach in any other place.”

Jill's Story

“I got immediate relief for constipation, surprisingly. Also, the energy that I had, I mean I can feel it today… I feel really focused and the mental clarity I have…”

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