Jaydon’s Story


“I never thought healing from POTS could happen. I just thought it would be addressing symptoms enough to get by. Instead, I feel like I can heal!”

Jaydon came to POTS Care with diagnoses of POTS and EDS, while living the previous 4 months of her in bed. She struggled with severe abdominal pain attacks, brain fog, and fatigue. Jaydon leaves POTS Care with a plan in place and renewed hope for healing.

INTERVIEWER: You have been through a lot, haven’t you? Can you share with us what your illness has been like and how it affected your life?

PATIENT: I’ve had joint dislocations, intracranial pressure and inflammation forever, but it got worse when I was 12 and started having gallbladder issues which probably spiked the inflammation. I started having severe abdominal pain attacks, brain fog, fatigue, and pain that made daily activities hard. It stayed pretty level for about 3 years. I could do things, but I always had anxiety of what if I have a flare up while at dance or drama or out doing things. This prevented me from doing many outings or going to friends’ houses. For the last 5 months I have had constant abdominal pain, constant nausea, brain fog, confusion and fatigue that made it hard to do anything at all, and I was basically bedridden.

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel that the care you received at POTS Care was different than previous care?

PATIENT: Definitely different! It was validation and understanding. Instead of being dismissed, it gave me hope.

INTERVIEWER: Were we able to identify any underlying problems contributing to your illness that others have missed?

PATIENT: Yes, widespread inflammation causing SO MANY SYMPTOMS!

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel like we are using real science here?

PATIENT: We feel like everything is scientifically grounded. You don’t use traditional thinking. You think about the body’s responses and think of more creative, out of the box ways to address the issues.

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel like you have a better grasp on how to heal from your condition now?

PATIENT: Definitely! I never thought healing from it would happen. I just thought it would be addressing symptoms enough to get by. Instead, I feel like I can heal!

INTERVIEWER: What would you like to say for the folks considering coming here?

PATIENT: They will give you hope! Even if you came for no other reason, there will be hope.