Mason’s Story

“From the first call I made, I knew POTS Care was where my son needed to be treated. We discussed my son’s situation and all of his symptoms and I finally felt validated! I spoke with my husband and we decided to start a GoFundMe. We don’t normally ask for help, but we knew we had to get him in this clinic any way we could. I started the page late one night and within four to six hours, we had not only met our goal, but we had exceeded it. I stared at that page in disbelief and I cried.

We started his treatment on 5/31 … and that would change EVERYTHING! He woke up and was able to turn his head and look at me. I know, small change, but it was huge for us! He slept through the night without waking up feeling like he couldn’t breathe! He didn’t feel like his head was going to “explode,” in his words. We have finally found a direction to go in that gives my baby some relief.”

“We took a leap of faith when we felt like we had no more faith left. We took that leap with everyone at POTS Care waiting to catch us and carry us into a future we never thought could happen. We finally have hope again, and we cannot wait to see more changes and improvements in our son’s health!”