Margaret’s Story


“Because now I really know it works, I’m telling everyone I know with POTS to go to your clinic.”


Margaret wrote this beautiful testimonial on January 21, 2020. Getting answers and proper treatment made all of the difference to her recovery.




Today marks one year since I was struck down with POTS. After a debilitating back injury two days prior, something was very wrong on this day. Not just the extreme pain, but the room was spinning, I couldn’t think, I was dizzy and faint and completely exhausted. Over the next two months, finding out about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I thought was the answer I needed, yet I kept being nudged to POTS info. My sister has POTS, but her symptoms were worse than mine. Further, she had her whole identity revolving around her POTS that I couldn’t even fathom that was happening to me, that I might somehow dethrone her. Through lots of prayer and research, I came, I believe divinely, across The Driscoll Theory. Upon reading that book I saw my symptoms being explained to a tee.  

My journey from that first POTS day to treatment was so much quicker than the average person. Pretty early on in my illness journey, I made an appointment to go to POTS Care. I had just started seeing doctors for my POTS like symptoms. Margaret, huffing into the cardiologist’s office, barely able to breathe or answer simple questions, “Doctor . . . I think this is POTS . . . I’m happy to have you do a tilt table test and manage me . . . but I’m also going to go to POTS Care in Texas in two weeks . . . If you would like to manage me . . . I’m happy to be your patient . . . or I can just go to Texas and see you if I need to later.” The cardiologist gladly handed me to you!
The reason I wanted to go to POTS Care was because it seemed like the other doctors out there just managed the symptoms, and there’s so many! They don’t seem to be looking at any underlying cause or what’s happening systemically in the body like POTS Care does. I didn’t want to go from specialist to specialist for each body part and get a new medication to juggle. I didn’t want all these cooks in the kitchen with my illness, especially when they’re looking at different recipes!!
The clinic was so thorough in getting my health history and necessary blood work before the appointment so they would be able to review everything. The staff was so caring during the pre-visit information gathering. When I arrived everyone was so friendly. I knew I was in good hands.  
The first night I went on Diamox, it was so helpful. I literally felt my splitting headache I’d had for months leave my body. I felt my brain wake up. It was miraculous. 
When I got home I was eager to start the full treatment plan and did religiously. I was super strict on taking everything as ordered. Unfortunately I was getting sicker. Looking back, I now think that the POTS had not had a chance to fully express itself so early. I also found out I couldn’t tolerate one of the supplements and still can’t. At least I understood what all these new symptoms were by listening to the weekly audio files. Then, in July, I started taking a turn and got much better. It got so well that I figured we had nipped this POTS in the bud, so early! I went off everything by August. (I see that smirk now!)
Well, do I have POTS indeed. I found out in September that I’m not getting out of this scott free! As soon as my plane landed everything came back, just as suddenly as it came the first time. But now, unlike January, I had a treatment plan.
I tweaked with everything to see what I actually needed to abate the symptoms, and it’s everything! (Except for that supplement I still can’t tolerate, or the gut steroid.) Going off your regimen was what I needed to not only know that I actually do have POTS, but that what I need is your treatment plan. 
Today, I’m totally POTS free. I do walk a little slower and am probably extra cautious about injury. I now realize that flare ups are still possible if I’m not careful. However, not only can I ride in a plane, but I just got back from the Philippines. On the way there, I planned for a flare up, even told my guests when it would happen, and it did. But on the way back, I had no symptoms. I am totally fine. I can also rest assured that if I get sick again, it’s a flare up and I already know what to do.
Because now I really know it works, I’m telling everyone I know with POTS to go to your clinic. You saved my life, even prevented me from the normal POTS years of heartache and pain before getting help. Thank you with all my normal beating heart without tachycardia!