Katie’s Story

“We want to sincerely thank Dr. Driscoll and the entire POTS Care team for the superior treatment you provided for Katie’s POTS diagnosis. We have never met a more professional, thorough, and personable medical team than you all. Katie started treatment in November of 2023 and we noticed a difference in her behavior within the first week. Her symptoms improved dramatically very quickly, and we are confident that the end result will be great. After many years of searching for answers and many doctors later, we found out about POTS Care through a nutritionist. Years of frustration and feelings of hopelessness of ever finding an answer came to an end when we made the call to POTS Care.  They immediately went to work on getting Katie moving in the right direction. It was the hardest thing for us to watch our daughter who was full of life, go from a happy and energetic child to a depressed, exhausted, and hopeless young lady who couldn’t even get out of bed most days. Since treatment began, Katie is finally starting to get back to her old self. She has more energy, she has taken charge of her life again, and has regained hope that all isn’t lost. She will be graduating high school this coming May and starting Cosmetology school in the Fall of 2024 to pursue her passion. We owe it all to the wonderful people at POTS Care for helping Katie get her life back. You all are truly God sent.”