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Hyperadrenergic State

Many patients with POTS are misdiagnosed with “anxiety” because their autonomic systems are in overdrive. These patients could be experiencing a hyperadrenergic state. When treated at its source, resting heart rate slows, heart rate variability improves, tremors stop and insomnia improves. Our approach extends far beyond biofeedback by locating and treating the underlying cause of dysautonomia medically.

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POTS Recovery

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When I first became ill and had numerous symptoms of dysautonomia, the infectious disease specialist wanted to evaluate me for signs of menopause and response to anxiety medication.

– Diana Driscoll, OD

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Rachel Anne's Story

“I truly can’t express my gratitude enough to Dr. Driscoll and her team for leading me into a new, happier and healthier chapter of my life.“

Fletcher's Story

“Fletcher’s health has improved significantly! He is back to doing the things he loves. We are thrilled! Dr. Driscoll is one of our heroes. She is an expert at dealing with POTS.”

Jill's Story

“I got immediate relief for constipation, surprisingly. Also, the energy that I had, I mean I can feel it today… I feel really focused and the mental clarity I have…”

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