Bobbie Kay’s Story


“POTS Care has been amazing, and one of the best weeks I think we have had the entire time she has been sick.”

Bobby Kay had taken her daughter to many POTS experts who were unable to identify the underlying causes of her daughter’s illness. By stripping away all labels, and evaluating her daughter’s condition from the beginning, we were able to identify issues others had missed.

INTERVIEWER: As a mother, we were curious if the care you received at POTS Care was different than care you and CeCe had received in the past?

PATIENT’S MOTHER: Absolutely, it has been just amazing. You actually feel like all of the staff cares, as well as the doctors, and it has just given us so much hope.

INTERVIEWER:Were we able to answer any and all questions that you had while you were here?

PATIENT’S MOTHER: Yes. I am used to going to doctors and questions being avoided. The doctors at POTS Care will address any and every question that you have, and with a wonderful bedside manner too. When we got here, CeCe was having horrible pseudoseizures that no one could explain. We have been everywhere, Mayo Clinic, Ohio, and Birmingham. The doctors at POTS Care found the cause of the pseduoseizures within the first day basically, and explained it to us the second day. CeCe has not had any of the pseudoseizures since we started treatment for them on the second day of her visit. It was worth the whole thing just to get help with that.

INTERVIEWER: What would you say to parents who are considering bringing their child to POTS Care?

PATIENT’S MOTHER: I would say to absolutely bring them. I had family members that said “have you checked this out?” “is it some type of a scam?” It is not a scam. It is not where you come here and they are wanting you to buy something from them. It is what it is, there are no additional costs. It is what you see is what you get, and it is even so much more than I expected to get. It has been amazing, and one of the best weeks I think we have had the entire time she has been sick.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you for talking with us today, Bobbie Kay.

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