Amy’s Story

“Diagnosed with POTS and in a place of complete desperation, I found Dr. Driscoll’s clinic information online.  I was seeking places that specifically utilized medical science and the identification of underlying issues for my treatment as I had been living with Dysautonomia for 24 years. After being diagnosed with a vaccine injury and long COVID by the doctors, my body was on fire and my brain was no longer functioning how it used to. All of the remedies I had used at home for decades stopped working.

Dr. Driscoll and the team accurately identified my underlying issues and drove me toward an even better program for sustainability that I had never been able to achieve before.  She had to fight my mistrust of medical science from my experience with past doctors. All of the procedures previous doctors suggested were very cost-prohibitive for me when at that time I was only 24 years old with two small children.

The science used was 100% accurate as we traversed the path toward wellness.  The educational component was invaluable as we have to steer our medical professionals in the right direction ourselves with this disease.  The proven research has simply not made it to our physicians’ offices yet.

While I have a long way to go, I have become significantly better while my other friends with long COVID and POTS are sadly still suffering and not regaining function in the ways I am.”

POTS Care Amy's story