Albert’s Story



“Here we express our great gratitude to Dr. Driscoll and POTS Care Team for the love and care you have given to Albert. You are our heroes.”


This is an heart warming testimonial from a father whose son came to our clinic for treatment. Albert’s life changed dramatically, for the worse, in a very short amount of time. His family was desperate for answers!


“Our son, Albert, suffered heavily from POTS symptoms for 1.5 years before visiting Dr. Driscoll at POTSCare in Jan. 2020. His major symptoms include nausea, bloating, constipation, dizziness, migraine, brain fog, memory loss, blurred vision, extreme chronicle fatigue, tachycardia and sporadic anxiety attacks. He had to leave school and quit other activities due to his severe illness.

He was diagnosed with POTS and migraines by his neurologists and was put on electrolyte drinks and beta blockers. This approach briefly alleviated his headache a little bit at the very beginning but made him more tired with more frequent anxiety episodes over a long period of time. 
Believing that he may have a mast cell disorder (which could explain the anxiety attacks), we started to self treat him with antihistamine in August  2019. Although this approach did alleviate most of his anxiety irregularity, it did not improve his overall symptoms.
In October 2019, we came across the e-book Dr. Driscoll wrote and discovered that 90% of Albert’s symptoms were described in it. This is the reason we decided to bring Albert to see Dr. Driscoll in Texas in January 2020.
Even before our trip, Dr. Driscoll’s team started to investigate all of Albert’s medical records and ordered additional and specified blood tests. Then Dr. Driscoll herself called us to discuss Albert’s overall situation, to fully prepare for our in person visit.
We learned a lot at POTS Care about Albert’s underlying health problems and how to manage them. We got the answers and mechanisms for Albert’s symptoms, especially several inexplicable ones including periodic paralysis, anxiety attacks out of nowhere, extreme exercise intolerance, energy crashes which cannot be explained by decondition, plus the reason why antihistamine seemed to alleviate his symptoms. 
Using the medicines/supplements Dr. Driscoll prescribed/recommended, almost immediately, his GI symptoms were improved and he stopped using Miralax (a laxative) which he relied on for 1.5 years. In the past three months, Albert’s situation has improved considerably. With an obviously improved energy level, he can now walk 1-2 times a day, totaling 1.4-2.8 miles. His anxiety episodes are obviously lighter in intensity, much less in frequency, and he is obviously more responsive and talkative than before. In addition, his previously swollen body (not due to body fat) has now deflated significantly and he no longer drinks an excessive amount of water.
Here we express our great gratitude to Dr. Driscoll and POTS Care Team for the love and care you have given to Albert. You are our heroes.”