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Idiopathic POTS

Many patients with “Idiopathic POTS” are misdiagnosed, and suffer with ineffective treatments because of this misdiagnosis. Some patients are told they have “presumed mitochondrial disorders” (muscle biopsies and genetic tests are negative, but patients present with most of the symptoms of mitochondrial disorders). Others are told they have lupus or Sjogren’s syndrome, despite an inability to locate evidence of an autoimmune condition beyond symptomology. Many are diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome yet POTS persists after treatment. A closer look at these patients can reveal the hidden underlying cause of symptoms and proper treatment can then reverse these presentations. 

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Like most patients with POTS, I was told to eat lots of salt, take salt pills and drink lots of water (and did so for years). Symptomatic treatment will not address the underlying medical cause of POTS

– Diana Driscoll, OD

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Rachel Anne's Story

“I truly can’t express my gratitude enough to Dr. Driscoll and her team for leading me into a new, happier and healthier chapter of my life.“

Rachels's Story

“If I would have gone to see her earlier, I could have saved myself from 7 months of treatment with my other doctor that only seemed to make my symptoms worse.  I am so thrilled to say that I have seen a huge improvement in my POTS symptoms.”

David's Story

“After suffering from idiopathic constipation and intermittent fatigue for 7 years, and after ~$100K worth of inconclusive doctor visits… Dr. Driscoll is the only doctor I met who has a good handle on this condition.”

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