The Driscoll Approach™

Orthostatic Intolerance

We evaluate all of your symptoms to help us locate the underlying cause of your orthostatic intolerance and inability to remain vertical. We treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

We Are The Only Clinic Approaching POTS In This Way

POTS Recovery

When I first became ill, I realized that my symptoms changed based on my position. When I was in bed, I could alter my heart rate, breathing and blood pressure by alternating the side I was lying on, for example. I remember thinking, “The doctors will never believe this.

– Diana Driscoll, OD

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Rachel Anne's Story

“I truly can’t express my gratitude enough to Dr. Driscoll and her team for leading me into a new, happier and healthier chapter of my life.“

Fletcher's Story

“Fletcher’s health has improved significantly! He is back to doing the things he loves. We are thrilled! Dr. Driscoll is one of our heroes. She is an expert at dealing with POTS.”

Jill's Story

“I got immediate relief for constipation, surprisingly. Also, the energy that I had, I mean I can feel it today… I feel really focused and the mental clarity I have…”

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POTS Care Is The Only Clinic Dedicated To Locating And Treating The Underlying Medical Causes Of POTS – Not Just The Symptoms