Maggie’s Story

“Dr. Driscoll and the POTS Care Team diagnosed Maggie through an individualistic approach.”
Maggie, age 16, came to POTS Care severely deconditioned. Her parents suspected a spinal leak, but we were able to determine this was not one of the underlying causes of her POTS. We avoided using invasive procedures altogether and three months later her mother wrote us wanting to share some great news.

INTERVIEWER: Many people who are considering coming to POTS Care wonder exactly what happens here — Is there anything you would like to share with those people?

Maggie: Dr. Driscoll and the POTS Care team have spent a generous amount of time before, during, and after my visit to understand my physical/medical challenges.  They were not only focused on the medical attributes of helping me but gracious and thoughtful of my physical and mental state at the time of my visit.  Most importantly, after meeting with Dr. Driscoll and the POTS Care team, they have maintained contact and answered all of my emails.

INTERVIEWER: Were we able to identify any underlying problems contributing to your illness that others have missed? 

Maggie: Yes, most definitely! 

INTERVIEWER: Would you like to share anything about your struggles or journey before coming to POTS Care?

Maggie: The doctors throughout the years didn’t seem to want to take time to really figure out what was going on and came up with a common answer or say nothing was wrong.  Dr. Driscoll and the POTS Care Team diagnosed me with an individualistic approach. 

INTERVIEWER: Maggie, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It has been a pleasure working with you.

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