Catherine’s Story


“Come, just come, because it will make such a big change in your life just to have someone who understands! Dr. Driscoll has been through it herself and that means so much. I’m sorry that she had to go through that to be able to empathize with us like she does, but it really does help.”

Catherine was suffering with dramatic POTS symptoms with additional issues including lipolymphedema, GERD, brain fog and fatigue She came to POTS Care from Canada in order to get help – beginning with a complete review of all of her signs, symptoms and previous medical records. She enjoyed an immediate response to some symptoms and left with prescriptions and explanations for her own medical team. In this video, Catherine summarizes her journey with POTS and experience at POTS Care.

Below is a letter of gratitude Catherine wrote to Dr. Diana Driscoll. It is shared with her permission.

Catherine's Letter