Ainsley’s Story


“All of my symptoms have gotten so much better. I no longer have to plan my day around my symptoms. My dizziness and head pain and pressure are so much better. Now I have the energy to work a full day, and to live life like a normal 20-something”

Ainsley had been sick for six years, suffering from POTS and gastroparesis triggered by the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. She also had a diagnosis of EDS and had been to numerous cardiologists, neurologists and a dysautonomia specialist with no effective treatment. She was unable to work full-time, and missed most social activities. We began with an exhaustive review of literature concerning POTS-induced vaccinations and a close review of all of her medical records. She left POTS Care with a treatment plan in place, and merely two weeks later had recovered enough to work 12 hour days once again.

POTS Care Female Smiling Patient