Willow’s Story

“POTS Care has gone above and beyond our expectations. Not only did we leave knowing what kind of POTS she has, but we left knowing the ROOT CAUSE!  

We’ve learned so much about her body in two days. We’ve learned what type of POTS she has and what causes it. We’ve learned how to treat and have already begun the process. One thing I can say, is none of this was found by any of her specialists at home. My mind is blown at what we know already in just two days. Forever grateful this is happening. Forever grateful for POTS Care here in Texas! She is already positively reacting to treatment.

Dr. Diana Driscoll, (the doctor we saw in Texas), is a leading expert in POTS care, research, and advocacy. Hands down… SHE IS AMAZING!

While we know none of this is a cure, we are positive she can return to her baseline making things nearly normal for her. Because we now have a plan, we now know what her underlying issues are and how to treat those.”


I strongly urge anyone who resonates with any of Willow’s story to take the leap of faith, reach out, I will give you all the information you need!  I am here to help you advocate for your children (or even yourself).

willow at pots care front door