Peter’s Story


“It was so great that my case was looked at as a whole.”

Peter is a young, intelligent college student pursuing his Ph.D. He came to POTS Care for answers!  Here are a few words from Peter and his mother about their experience at POTS Care.

“It is substantially different at POTS Care. You finally get a diagnosis! What stood out to me was the level of depth put into my case. I appreciated getting to look at my brain MRI and pictures of my eye on a big screen while Dr. Driscoll discussed everything. Other doctors never show you any scans, results, etc.” 

Peter’s mom, Cheryl– “Everyone at POTS Care is so positive. We felt like part of the family. We loved the one on one time with Dr. Driscoll every day. We had an opportunity to pick her brain and ask questions. The lengthy conversations with her meant so much to us. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable everyone at POTS Care was. You can tell that everyone genuinely wants to help people.”  

Cheryl (weeks after coming to POTS Care)- “We can’t thank you enough for your excellent care and advice. We were both touched by your loving staff, your kind heart, and intelligence. We are optimistic concerning the future successful management of Peter’s symptoms with your expertise and guidance. He is already doing so much better! Thank you!”