Megan’s Story

Megan came to POTS Care in July 2019. She had been sick since 2006!! Here are some updates on how she is doing after treatment with us. 


ANOTHER UPDATE 2/8/20- Megan emailed us, “I have been meaning to send you guys an email. I have started helping with the K-2 basketball program at school (after school for an hour). This coming Thursday the kids will perform at halftime of the high school game. I have been going to junior high and high school basketball games again. Last weekend Ryan and I went tubing with my brother, sister in law and my 2 nieces who are almost 2 1/2. The girls didn’t want to wait in line so we walked up the hill and tubed down. I have been having a lot of meetings at school since January. That one week I had to be there at 6:30 am for data meetings on kids. The next week I didn’t make it home until 7:00 at night. I ate lunch and supper at school. Last night was our yearly cancer benefit at school and I made it through the whole thing. Exercising around my busy schedule…and still able to eat healthy and follow the diet. My life is different now. I have been healthier all the way around.”


UPDATE 9/23/19- Megan emailed us, “Good news…I made it through a crazy busy week last week. In the evenings, I wasn’t even tired. I was still able to do stuff at home. Come Friday night, after supper, I was tired though. I went to bed at my normal time. When I woke up on Saturday at my normal time, I was still a little tired so I took a nap and I have been fine since. Thursday night my mom and I took our dog for a walk. It was half an hour. I was tired when we got back. I held Moose’s leash and boy did he tug! Everyone at school keeps telling me how disciplined I am when it comes to my diet because I don’t eat stuff I am not supposed to right now. They have asked and I say no. The goodies can sit in my classroom and I still don’t eat them. The stress of work hasn’t bothered me either. My episodes have been kept under control.” 


UPDATE 9/4/19- Megan emailed us, “I have more good news! This weekend I was on the go all the time.  My family was building a ramp and lifting a deck for a relative.  I was in charge of watching my twin nieces (who will be 2 in October). They were on the go constantly, my schedule was off for everything, and so was my sleep schedule.  I survived.  Monday was my town’s Labor Day celebration…..we were outside all day and the heat didn’t even bother me.  I was even able to drive the ATV (gator) and not have any problems when we went on a ride.  In the past, I would not have been able to do the outside thing all day long at all.  So I can say things are going in the right direction.  I was exhausted after the weekend but was able to function at work yesterday.”