Jessica’s Story


“You do not have to suffer from POTS any longer.”


Jessica had severe POTS symptoms for over 11 years with a long list of surgeries, diagnoses, and medications. Jessica was unable to fly due to her deteriorating condition so her husband, Gary, drove her to POTS Care.  After a long three day journey in the car, Jessica finally made it to our clinic. 


“If you have POTS, don’t wait as long as I did to come to POTS Care. The fact that Dr. Driscoll was familiar with all of my symptoms was so meaningful to me. Everyone at POTS Care believed me and understood what I was going through.” 


Jessica’s husband, Gary– “We were welcomed with open arms at POTS Care!  For my wife to have validation, it was everything. Dr. Driscoll thinks outside the box. My wife had been treated so horribly by other doctors; especially the emergency room.”