Holly’s Story

As a single, 37-year-old female that relied heavily on parental support due to an unfamiliar and highly overlooked but crippling diagnosis, I was at my wit’s end to find validation and help to navigate postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome as I had been in a downward spiral for years. After what seemed to be rock bottom, I began researching clinics, hospitals, and providers that specialized in POTS. I wasn’t accepted to a well-known diagnostic center but kept looking. At my age, I had been diagnosed and struggled with POTS for many, many years prior, yet had not seen any improvement since my diagnosis, and if anything, my symptoms and quality of life only seemed to get worse with each passing year so I knew I had to do something and find someone who could help. I finally came across POTS Care and read Dr. Driscoll’s story. I was immediately drawn in and felt like she knew exactly how to help. I felt as though I had not only found someone who had experienced POTS firsthand but who, with proper treatment and education, had overcome the worst of the syndrome and was able to take back her life. Luckily, I listened to my gut instinct and called right away to find out additional information and how I could get in to see Dr. Driscoll and the team. It was one of the best decisions I have made to date. I was finally educated on my symptoms, my specific type of POTS, and given the resources I needed to finally change course and head toward healing. Two months later, I have made improvements that I thought might not be possible. I now have hope and restored faith that it is possible to overcome my symptoms and have a “normal” life. I feel beyond blessed to have found Dr. Driscoll and the entire POTS Care team and look forward to my new journey of recovery and happiness.”