Donna’s Story


“No migraines for 104 days!!! Amazing!!!”


Donna came to POTS Care for treatment in October of 2019. She had been sick for over 40 years! She wrote us this update on January 26, 2020; less than four months after beginning our treatment plan. 


“I want to give you a bit of an update on how I’m doing. Sorry it’s been awhile.
First, I have now gained 6 lbs since seeing you all and I am eating better I am also feeling stronger. I am getting back to who I was, but I know I still have a way to go. I have joined a gym and will be working with a personal trainer starting 2/17/20.
NO migraines for 104 days!!! Amazing! I am finding my triggers for inflammation and trying to avoid them. I do have some not so good days but those are looking further away then they used to be. I am still taking all of the RX and supplements recommended.I have reduced the Emgality injection from 240 mg to 120 mg injections 1 x per 4 weeks. The plan is to get off that first before 2/13/20.
Thank you for all of the support and most of all to Dr. Driscoll for understanding that we needed to dig a bit further into what was going on with me. I will keep you updated on my continued progress! Hugs to you all.” 







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