Danielle’s Story


“My health and improvement matters to them. I don’t feel like a number, but a friend.”


Danielle has been sick for years to the point she couldn’t work and had to stay home alone. Traveling to come to POTS Care was a leap of faith, this was her experience after coming to POTS Care.    


“It has been a struggle to get through the day socially and physically. I was forced to stay home from my job, not able to coach my kids. I had to give up everything to live in an empty house alone in bed. Unlike everywhere else, I feel like I matter to every staff member. My health and improvement matters to them. I don’t feel like a number, but a friend. I have never experienced that by any healthcare team of any kind. Every single thing Dr. Driscoll found was different than other doctors. She has the perspective of a patient. She is unafraid to have you challenge her with symptoms or issues she is unsure of. She finds out how they fit into the puzzle instead of overlooking them and bypassing them. Her perspective as a previous patients drives her to stop at nothing to help.” 

“I was concerned that it was all too good to be true. My mom asked me to call because we were desperate but I refused. I thought they were just saying everything we wanted to hear to scam us. The second I spoke with Melissa, every single one of those lies were washed away by the pure and obvious love they had for me and my pain. After talking with Dr. Driscoll, I knew God had prepared her to be the saving grace I needed. She understood things that I had never even verbalized because I was afraid they were too crazy, but she knew and understood because she had experienced them too. I feel like Dr. Driscoll and her team are my angels sent from God to rebuild and restore me through His love. They are unmatched in every category.”

“If you are truly ready to do what it takes to get better, Dr. Driscoll and her staff will get you there. They can’t force you to make healthy choices, but they will do everything they can on their end to support, educate, and care for you. Some of it is up to you to follow through with the information they gather for you. I would recommend the clinic to anyone and everyone who is ready to find answers and relief. I hope my children never get POTS, but if they do, Dr. Driscoll will be my very first call! I would trust her with my children’s lives…there is no greater compliment I can give her; they are my whole world.”

Danielle’s Mom, Rhonda “Dr. Driscoll is an amazing woman with a wonderful staff.” 

Danielle’s Aunt, Barb- “In the past 27 years, my husband, Steve, and I have had 22 surgeries, but we never had the personalized care that my niece received at POTS Care Clinic!”