Brooke’s Story

“My daughter, Brooke, had a sudden onset of POTS in August of this year (2023).  We did not know what caused the sudden onset, but it was brutal!  Brooke was a very active and energetic 12-year-old girl who had just started 7th grade, and she was on the school volleyball team and cheerleading squad.  After POTS hit, she was unable to attend school or participate in activities, and she was nearly bedridden.  Every time she would stand up, her heart would start racing extremely high and she got to where she could hardly stand or even walk.  We took her to multiple cardiologists, neurologists, and other specialists, and everyone suggested the same… high salt content and lots of water to help with her POTS.  We were very frustrated that there was not more that could be done to help her.

After visiting Dr. Driscoll and the POTS team, Brooke’s symptoms started improving significantly.  Since starting the prescribed medication and supplements that Dr. Driscoll’s team recommended for Brooke, she is now making great progress in her ability to walk and even exercise.  Her heart rate and blood pressure have become more stable, her energy and stamina are improving, and even her anxiety has decreased.  She is already able to go shopping and do other fun activities she hasn’t been able to do in months!  We have seen so much improvement already, and we are very hopeful that Brooke will continue on this course to make a full recovery.  We are so thankful to Dr. Driscoll and her team for their knowledge, expertise, and hope they have given to us!  They are very encouraging and understanding, and we highly recommend them to anyone struggling with POTS!”