Brianna’s Story


“POTS Care didn’t blame my symptoms on anxiety!”



After experiencing severe symptoms for over 11 years, Brianna came to our clinic desperately needing for us to find the underlying medical cause of her illness. Brianna is a young adult who had been ill most of her childhood.  Here are a few words from Brianna and her mother about their experience at POTS Care.


“The main thing that I noticed at POTS Care was the attention to detail. The team considered everything! It was so nice to have the time to lay everything out with Dr. Driscoll. Other doctors only gave me about 15 minutes to explain all of my symptoms which was not enough time to really discuss what I was experiencing.”



Brianna’s mom, Holly– “I loved the fact that we had three days to ask questions with Dr. Driscoll. We actually had time to lay everything out. Other doctors never gave us the time to discuss things and the visit was always rushed. Dr. Driscoll looked at everything from birth to current for my daughter. You really need a team, like the POTS Care Team, to look at everything as a whole. This has been such a great experience for all of us.”