Ashlyn’s Story

Ashlyn came to POTS Care in March of 2022 after she started having symptoms after receiving a vaccination. Due to her worsening symptoms, she was taken out of school and was unable to drive a car or enjoy life as a normal 17 year old girl. A couple months after starting treatment, Ashlyn was able to go to church again, climb flights of stairs, stand for long periods of time, and ride in a car without getting car sick– all of which she was unable to do prior to coming to POTS Care. She was even able to go to her high school prom and is now driving again. Ashlyn is back in school and is on track to graduate with her class in May 2023.


“So here is my favorite update so far. Going to Prom wouldn’t have happened without Dr. Driscoll and Kristin! She made it to the very end of the night. Tired but very happy. We are so thankful and appreciative for you both!”