Anthony’s Story

“Being able to talk to and hear from Dr. Driscoll has made such a huge difference in my recovery. Her demeanor and personal understanding of what I’m going through have made all the difference in the world. It is comforting in a way that’s really hard to explain. All I can say is that it helps my mental health greatly to be heard and understood for a change. She really gets it when it comes to this horrible illness.  

My GI issues have gotten better, my neck pain has improved as well as my insomnia. My headaches have improved a lot and I’ve been able to drastically reduce the amount of migraine medication I take. I have stopped taking metoprolol and carefully weaned myself from the depression meds. I have been off them completely now for a few weeks. I still have some moments, of course, but nothing quite like before. I think having the physical effects of the intracranial pressure and inflammation coming down in my body is slowly making noticeable differences and that helps my frame of mind. Thank you all for everything, especially this program.  Thanks for your help and information. You are the best!”