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Are you dissatisfied with traditional POTS treatment?
Want to come to POTS Care, but can’t make it for any reason?
Want to address your POTS in the most natural way possible?
Would you like to try to avoid as many medications as possible?

Then this  is a great place to start!

Based on the ground – breaking discoveries of Dr. Diana Driscoll (former POTS patient)
and Genetic Disease Investigators, this POTS Care Package™ contains everything
you need to get started treating your POTS at the underlying medical causes!


Diana Driscoll, OD was the first to recognize the propensity for high intracranial pressure in POTS patients (published in The Driscoll Theory). This recognition shook the POTS world and began the dramatic paradigm shift needed for proper treatment. The recepient of numerous awards for patients advocacy, she has worked tirelessly to increase awareness of both POTS and EDS (Ehlers – Danlos syndrome). She was the first to use the now famous #EDS hashtag, and her forum is known nationwide.

She introduced the term “Inflammatory POTS“, and sees patients from around the world who understand that she is at the forefront of new information concerning the underlying causes of POTS.


What is included in the POTS Care Package?

“So many people ask me if I can help them, although they can’t make it to POTS Care. Some can’t travel, they may be too sick to come, or they may not have to funds to afford the intensive personalized care we offer.

Many have heard of my personal journey from my blog at Prettyill.com, and some have read The Driscoll Theory.

I am so happy to be able to offer this POTS Care  Package™ to help so many who are currently suffering!”

from Dr. D.


What They Are Saying
The first time I saw one of Dr. Driscoll videos, I just felt like I had a connection with her, she knew exactly what I was going through and how I was feeling that I couldn’t put into words. She was looking at the underlying causes, not just POTS symptoms.
Jolline Carter

It is Important to understand what this POTS Care  Package™ does  include.

Although we would love to help everyone with individualized medical care through this care package, by law we cannot do so unless you see us at our offices.

This means that this package does con include medical testing of any kind, nor does it create a doctor – patient relationships. This package does not include access to Dr. Driscoll, medical prescriptions, or advice specific to your case.