Chronic Fatigue

Many chronic fatigue patients suffer from exhaustion, exercise intolerance, and “brain fog”. At POTS Care, patients are evaluated for the underlying cause(s), and treatment can immediately begin to reverse these potentially disabling symptoms.

We Are The Only Clinic Approaching POTS In This Way

POTS Recovery

“The way POTS Care is treating patients is changing lives throughout the world. A fresh perspective is providing hope and healing for many ‘forgotten patients’.

– Diana Driscoll, OD

Meet Our Patients

Kris' Story

“I’ve been feeling very well. I’ve been able to be more active with my children, garden, work on my hobbies, go out with friends, run, work out a little, drive 2 hours where before I could only drive 30 minutes. I’ve only had one episode, my breathing is better, I’ve gotten several comments on how well I look now. I’m less agitated, have more energy, and my memory seems to be improving already. I now have NORMAL days in a row rather than one here and there.“

Fletcher's Story

“Fletcher’s health has improved significantly! He is back to doing the things he loves. We are thrilled! Dr. Driscoll is one of our heroes. She is an expert at dealing with POTS.”

Jill's Story

“I got immediate relief for constipation, surprisingly. Also, the energy that I had, I mean I can feel it today… I feel really focused and the mental clarity I have…”

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POTS Care® Is The Only Clinic Dedicated To Locating And Treating The Underlying Medical Causes Of POTS – Not Just The Symptoms