Taylor’s Story


“I had an advantage — I am Dr. Diana Driscoll’s daughter! I wanted to tell my story to give others hope.”

Taylor suffered with POTS, diagnosed when she was 12 years old. Although she was able to stay in school (unlike her brother, James), she was dramatically affected by POTS, yet recovered with treatment. The first clue that she was suffering with POTS was the day she felt like her “blood sugar was low” when she was standing in a store! It wasn’t her blood sugar after all.


Dr. Driscoll : Parents know that when their children are sick, we will do anything and go anywhere for help! We traveled the nation trying to get help for POTS that dramatically affected my daughter, Taylor, and disabled my son (James) and me. Yet we had no answers and no help. Taylor was such a trooper because as I got answers and gave her pills, she was willing to take them! Fortunately, Taylor is doing well (certainly, POTS is long-gone) and she has learned how to maintain her health.
What saddens me are the many years that we lost together. Taylor didn’t have nearly as much attention as she deserved, as I was often bed-ridden. That is so hard for a parent and child! I felt like I was a terrible mom (and wife!). I was surviving — many times hour by hour — and often had nothing else to give. Taylor blossomed despite it all, and is a shining example of how we can overcome these situations.
I hope that parents out there who are also patients know that we should have no guilt — we didn’t choose to be sick. Our kids will be OK with the love we CAN give them.
Because love conquers all.