Megumi’s Story


“I feel encouraged and validated after my experience at POTS Care.”

Megumi came to POTS Care after sixteen years of searching tirelessly for answers to her strange and unusual symptoms.  The symptoms began for her in high school and started out with her having episodes of passing out. Over the next fifteen years, things progressively grew worse with her losing her balance and having light sensitivity, fatigue, and “complicated migraines”, and even got as bad as her losing the ability to walk at times.
None in her medical community could find a definite underlying cause of her symptoms. This led to a diagnosis of complicated migraines and being put on schedule for regular MRIs to watch for possible lesions on the brain, in case she might be in the early stages of MS.
With no symptom relief or theory as to the cause of her deterioration, she continued to look for answers. Megumi was able to study EDS, POTS, and Cranio-Cervical Instability in a research project in college. These contained symptoms she recognized in herself. Scientists were studying connections between these but didn’t seem to have helpful answers. She then stumbled upon Dr. Driscoll’s theory and decided to reach out to POTS Care. 

INTERVIEWER: Hi Megumi, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Is there anything you would like to share with others regarding your experience at POTS Care?

Megumi: When I left home and headed for POTS Care, I was at the end of my rope. I had seen neurologists, been through vision therapy, gone through vestibular rehab, physical therapists, and several doctors to try and understand what was wrong with me. Then I found Dr. Driscoll online and booked an appointment. I liked her style and approach in that she saw connections and had theories as to what was going on with me.  She was looking for causes rather than just treating symptoms. The best thing out of all of this was that she had a plan for individualized treatment.

INTERVIEWER:  Were we able to identify any underlying conditions that others had missed in the past?

Megumi: Yes. Dr. Driscoll was able to identify my problems as being those of high pressure and inflammation. I am thankful for the Diamox; now my brain will have a chance to recover so that I can get relief from the high pressure.

INTERVIEWER: Would you like to share anything about your struggles before coming to POTS Care?

Megumi: Sure. I started passing out in high school and over sixteen years, progressively grew worse. I was tired and started having light sensitivity and strange wear patterns on my clothes due to me having to lean up against something to stay standing. At my worst these last few years I struggled with speech, would forget my children’s names, what year it was, pin numbers, how to get places, and that I had a dog, even if I was holding it. Reading became difficult. My body would forget how to walk. At times I would not be able to pick up my left leg and it would turn inwards and drag along. I was even having to use a cane to get around. I couldn’t hold a cup and keep a conversation at the same time. I would drop things and keep walking, completely unaware, so  I learned to strap things to myself. I felt like I was being stripped of who I was and then slowly being tucked away inside of my own body. It was beyond frustrating. It was terrifying. Worst of all it was taking away my ability to be the wife and mother I wanted to be.

Interviewer: Do you have anything you would like to say to others that may be considering coming to POTS Care?

Megumi: I feel encouraged and validated after my experience at POTS Care. I have been armed with information and documentation that will allow me to get the continued support and care here with my P.A. I am thankful my brain will have a chance to recover, now that I can give it relief from high pressure. I am comforted that I am fighting inflammation as I treat vascular health, and look forward to my POTS symptoms lessening. I will always be forever grateful to Dr. Driscoll for being willing to share with others the knowledge that she gained from her long and difficult journey to heal both herself and her children. Thanks to the POTS Care team for working tirelessly to support her in this mission to passionately serve those of us who walk through their doors.

Interviewer: Megumi thank you so much for the kind words. We truly enjoyed working with you.