Jason’s Story


“There is hope”

Jason suffered with POTS, diagnosed when he was 8 years old. Unable to attend school, he was dramatically affected by POTS, yet recovered with treatment.



Dr. Driscoll:  Jason developed POTS at the age of 8. His growth stopped, and at the time of this photo (age 12), he was still wearing shorts he had when he was eight — but we had to roll up the waistband and pin them on him. It was a scary time for us all, and Jason was unable to attend school for almost 3 years.

When Jason had POTS, he developed severe osteoporosis, breaking his arm putting on a jacket, and again when he was throwing a ball. And yet no doctor understood why, and no one was able to help us. It is still difficult to see these photos and to remember his intense suffering.

Jason recovered from POTS by age 17,  and he then wanted to take control of his health. He was consistent with his medications and supplements, improved his diet and began to workout.

Jason today, age 20. Happy, healthy, and making incredible grades in college, he is a living example of what is possible. It took everything (medication, supplements, diet, exercise, and plenty of time to recover), but he is now an expert in his own health. 

Jason’s suffering was one of my biggest motivators to keep working on answers! When he was 9 years old, he came to me and said that he couldn’t keep going — he didn’t think he could go on even one more day. At that time, I had no answers but promised him that I would.

A mom’s love is the strongest, most intense passion I know of. Jason’s recovery, and that of his sister, is the single most rewarding triumph of my life. I would do everything possible to get answers for us — and I would never give up. And I didn’t.

Now, I am ready to help you.